Mission Statement:

“BA Plastics Ltd strives to be the leading UK manufacturer of Cutlery and Packaging products within the UK, Ireland and Mainland Europe. We aim to consistently provide quality products, environmental benefits and reliable, flexible delivery, to meet the demands of today’s pressurised supply chain.”

About Us

BA Plastics Ltd is the UK’s leading manufacturer of Plastic Cutlery for supply to the Packaging, Catering, Retail and Domestic sectors. We are a privately owned family company, providing high quality products and service all over the England

Our wide range of stock and bespoke products, presents a solution for every application. Every item offers functionality, aesthetics and value for money. In addition, working with BA Plastics will help reduce your Carbon Footprint.

What we do

All BA Plastics products are manufactured in the UK from carefully sourced quality raw materials to ensure sustainable production methods. Being in the UK means that the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere during transportation is also massively reduced when compared to shipping from the Far East other international destinations.

So confident are we that BA Plastics can provide you with the products, services and ethical processes you are looking for.